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On-Site Massage

I realise by the end of my massage how tense I must have been to start with, my shoulders feel lighter and my general movement around my neck and back has increased by 100%. I had a particularly stubborn shoulder which caused me no end of pain including headaches from being tensed up all day. A visit from Lilian was like a breath of fresh air, don't get me wrong I am not instantly floating but with 24 hours of the massage I had increased movement and a lot less pain. I also got good advice on using a backpack to carry my computer and I believe that combined with the massage is what cured my stubborn shoulder. Myself and my fellow Monsters look forward to our monthly visits.

Jacqui Wilson
International Sales Manager, Monster

Thank you for all your support over the past years. The monthly visits to our Head Office has been most helpful in our efforts to help our employees have access to complementary therapies as part of our Health at Work- Bronze Award commitment, at a time and place convenient to them.

The feedback I have from employees is excellent and they always look forward to their acupressure massages.

Stephen P Brown
EPS Training Co-ordinator, Glasgow City Council

Lilian has given me On-Site Massage (20 or 30 minute sessions) for several years. It is a very thorough treatment covering the neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back. The relaxation benefits after 20 or 30 minutes are equal to a much longer massage. In addition, I always feel alert after Lilian’s On-Site Massage whereas with longer treatments I tend to leave the session feeling sleepy. Lilian has got the express massage down to a fine art and I would thoroughly recommend her!

Samantha Docherty
Piano Teacher, Glasgow

Sitting here trying not to hunch over my terminal, makes me grateful I took the recommendation of a colleague and started to attend Lilian's acupressure sessions. I've been going almost every month for some years now and can still remember the first treatment. It was like the head and back aches that come along with working long shifts at all times of day and night, and being mostly desk bound, had been rubbed out - literally - in one go.

I always feel the benefits of a treatment from dealing with quite painful complaints to making me feel more energised. Lilian takes the time, every time, to assess how I've been feeling, if there are any particular areas I need worked on.

I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

Anne Marie Watson
Good Morning Scotland Producer, BBC Scotland, Glasgow

I received my first On-Site Massage from Lilian in 1994 and haven't looked back since! I don't know what state my arms and shoulders would be in if I didn't get my regular treatments! It makes working all day at a computer more bearable...

Morag Findlay

acupressure Massage

acupressure Massage is very different from your standard Swedish or Aromatherapy treatments. In the sessions I’ve received from Lilian, I received hands-on massage but was also assisted into a number of yoga poses. As I was helped into the pose I was able to stretch far more deeply than if I was working on my own. The result is a mixture of a thorough physical workout mixed with the pampering delights of massage. I felt fit and relaxed - amazing!

Samantha Docherty
Piano Teacher, Glasgow

As a yoga practitioner I highly recommend a visit to Lilian for some acupressure Massage. After each treatment not only does my body feel more agile, energised and relaxed but I can also stretch myself further in my yoga class too. I didn't know my body was capable of such twists! It generally makes you feel more alive. A must if you are in any way concerned about keeping your body and mind in good working order!

Morag Findlay

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