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My main objective is to be clear and informative.  I offer On-Site Chair Massage and aim to create movement on a basic level.  Movement of lymph and circulation.  Like oiling a hinge, the aches and creaks that have caused discomfort and restricted movement get freed through being warmed and relaxed. 

Often customers who have massage as a regular pick-me-up are amazed how little tension they felt in their shoulders, until the massage began.  Alternatively, there are many who know what has caused a problem with moving their neck for instance, so they cannot turn while driving or reversing.  These can be occupational hazards from the repetitive nature of their work.  We would not be human or alive if tension, anxiety or stress of some kind did not accumulate somewhere within our minds or bodies.

Buy Gift VoucherMassage eases on both fronts by aiding the receiver to feel physically and mentally better by putting their concerns of the past, present and future into a more manageable priority and having their "shoulders feel so much lighter" afterwards.  A weight gets lifted on both fronts.

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